What we’re reading: August 26

For recruiters, surviving the work week isn’t always an easy task. Between strategic planning, handling the latest batch of hiring reqs, interviews and everything else the modern tech recruiter is responsible for, Friday can feel like more of a myth than a guarantee. You’ve earned a few minutes of peace, so sit back, relax and wind down your week with a look at what the Built In team has been reading.


Are you recruiting on YouTube yet?

People love video content. Like, really love it. YouTube is barely a decade old, but in that time it has managed to fundamentally change our expectations when it comes to online content. With more than 1 billion users - roughly one third of the entire internet population - YouTube consistently ranks as one of the three most popular websites in the world, so it’s high time recruiters leverage this channel in their talent acquisition efforts. To get you going, The Undercover Recruiter released an overview of YouTube recruiting complete with some tips for turning the platform into your new candidate goldmine.


Don’t forget about the telecommuters

Regardless of how you feel about the topic, distributed work forces are becoming increasingly common. Allowing employees to telecommute can be a great way to staff hard-to-fill roles and keep overhead down, but how do you engage employees when they aren’t in the office on a daily basis? Communication is easy, but making them feel like part of the team is a challenge. The folks over at TLNT shared a few thoughts on the topic, and their tips focus on recognition and participation. By ensuring remote employees are recognized for their contributions and able to participate in office functions (not just the daily check-in meeting), you can foster a sense of inclusion that will result in a tighter and more productive team. The article is also a great companion read to a piece on hiring transplant candidates we recently published.


Focus on the employer branding fundamentals

Confused about employer branding? It’s ok, you’re not alone. Just about everyone in the recruiting space understands the importance of employer branding, but it can still be an intimidating topic for anyone without experience in the field. To help alleviate some of this stress, Jobvite has created an easy-to-consume infographic with some great employer branding basics. From stats that will help you sell employer branding to your boss to some tips for quick wins, it’s a great introductory piece for anyone looking for an Employer Branding 101 experience.


Not now mom, I’m interviewing

Every recruiter has their fair share of horror stories. From nightmare candidates to disaster interviews, sometimes things go off the rails in a big way. If you’re in need of a chuckle this morning, check out this article about helicopter parents from SHRM, and consider yourself lucky if you’ve never had to deal with this sort of behavior. The helicopter parent phenomenon may be more prevalent with millennials than generations past, but don’t let this put you off from considering these applicants for your next open position. Millennials now constitute the largest population of the American workforce, so avoiding them isn’t an option.