What We’re Reading: Artificial Intelligence and Employer Branding Basics

The robots aren’t taking over, but they are making their presence felt in the world of recruiting. From how artificial intelligence could shape the future of the industry to a few hard-learned lessons from some top-tier recruiters, here are the stories we’re reading this week.


ERE | IBM Is Launching A Much-Awaited ‘Watson’ Recruiting Tool

Todd Raphael from ERE offered up a first look at IBM’s entrance into the recruiting space with Watson, its much-publicized artificial intelligence platform. Automation and machine learning are nothing new in recruiting, but IBM’s foray into the industry is still bound to draw attention.

Raphael notes this is only Version 1 of the tool, but its functionality is impressive nonetheless:

  • Recruiting - Watson will analyze your historical data to determine the difficulty of filling an open position and help prioritize your recruiting efforts.  
  • Marketing - Real-time analysis of your Glassdoor reviews and how they compare with your competitors.
  • Sourcing - Automated candidate ranking based upon a review of their cover letter, resume, work history and more.

As of now, Watson is only available to IBM’s RPO customers. Version 2 is expected to debut sometime in 2017.


HR Open Source | How Dell’s Recruiting Team Partners With Marketing to Drive Employer Branding Success

If you haven’t had a chance to check out HR Open Source yet, add it to the top of your to-read list. In its own words, HR Open Source is an initiative designed to bring an open source approach to HR and recruiting. Its library of case studies provides an inside look at the recruiting and employer branding strategies of some of the biggest companies in the world.

Of course, this case study on Dell’s employer branding efforts caught our eye. (Tech and employer branding? That’s sort of our jam.) Like many companies, Dell was looking to develop an employer brand that would appeal to the best talent in its field. Unlike many companies, however, Dell recognized that success in this arena would come much easier with a little help from their friends in marketing. The case study walks you through Dell’s strategy, what worked/didn’t work and much more, so take a few minutes to check it out.

Dell benefited from having access to an internal agency (Dell Blue), but the approach outlined in this case study can be mirrored by any organization with a marketing team and the desire to amplify its employer brand.


Officevibe | Building the Perfect Candidate Persona

Don’t look now, but tomorrow is October 1. Quarter 4 is upon us.

For many recruiters, Q4 can be a challenging time. Budgets are tapped out, and you have to get creative to meet hiring reqs. But this slowdown can also be a great opportunity to get back to basics and focus on your strategy for the coming year. In that spirit, Officevibe published a great piece on developing actionable candidate personas. Candidate personas are fictional representations of your ideal candidates, created to help recruiters better judge applicants and their potential success in a role. Candidate personas help shape your Employee Value Proposition and are a core element of your employer brand.

As with all of Officevibe’s work, the article is authored in a friendly, easy-to-read manner. They walk you through the process and answer any questions a reader may have. If you find yourself with some time over the coming months, give it a read and take a stab at creating candidate personas of your own. It will be time well spent.


Lever | 10 Top Talent Leaders Reveal Their Excruciating Mistakes

There’s no shortage of “best practice” content in the recruiting space. From Recruiting 101 to more advanced subject matter, there are plenty of thought leaders willing to lend their expertise to just about every topic out there. But Lever took a different course with a recent article, convincing 10 brave recruiters to stand on a pulpit and share their biggest professional mistakes with the world in an effort to help the rest of us learn from their blunders.

This is no gaggle of junior recruiters, either. With representatives from Coursera, Quora and Meteor, to name a few, Lever assembled a panel of top-flight recruiters for this piece. They provide candid insight into the mistakes they made along their paths as recruiters, the lessons they learned and how readers can avoid these mishaps in their own careers.

And as if that’s not enough, Lever also published this ode to recruiters in puppy GIFs. If that doesn’t make your Friday morning better, nothing will.

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