High-Growth Recruiting: 4 Tips From the Pros

Scaling the recruiting process is one of the most challenging tasks a high-growth company will undertake. Balancing an organization’s need for immediate help with its long-term best interests is an often thankless burden for recruiters, and for those who haven’t been through this process before, there are usually more questions than answers.

Top Sources-of-Hire for Tech Recruiters in 2017

Today’s enterprising technical recruiter has hundreds of tools at their fingertips. From old stand-bys to cutting edge technologies, there’s a solution for just about every recruiting problem that exists (and even some that don’t).

This cornucopia of options is great, but it can also be a lot to manage. Sometimes, it would make life easier if someone would just tell us what’s driving results for them so we know where to start.

We can help with that.

Built In’s 2017 State of Tech Recruiting Report

Built In’s 2017 State of Tech Recruiting Report is a data-driven analysis of the trends, challenges and opportunities tech recruiters will encounter over the coming year.

Our findings — sourced via survey responses from technical recruiters at hundreds of startups and tech companies across the country — will help readers better understand the state of technical recruiting in America, the obstacles likely to present themselves in 2017 and what their colleagues are doing to succeed in a highly competitive labor market.


Employer Brand Breakdown: Facebook

Each month, we analyze the employer brand of a well-known tech company for examples, tips and best practices you can apply to your own recruiting efforts. This month, we’re looking at Facebook.

Ah, to be a recruiter at Facebook.

A multi-billion dollar budget? Check. At or near the top of every “Best Places to Work” list? You bet. The opportunity to contribute to one of the world’s most popular websites? Just another day at the office. The selling points Facebook’s recruiters have at their disposal are nearly endless. Life must be one big cakewalk, right?

Psychological Sourcing: Overcoming Loss Aversion

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before.

You’ve been tasked with filling a software engineering role. The work is hard, but the pay and benefits are great and it’s a surefire stepping stone to a senior position. You scour your passive candidate pipeline and find the perfect individual. They have the ideal skill set and look poised to assume a larger role. You craft a superb cold outreach email outlining why the opportunity is a great fit and hit send. The response? “No thanks.”   

Tech Salaries Will Increase in 2017: Here’s Why

Despite what Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupri would have us believe, money is indeed a thing, and tech recruiters will have to offer more of it to hire top candidates in 2017.

We’re seeing strong signs that tech salaries are poised to increase in 2017, placing even more pressure on recruiters already navigating a competitive landscape. What gives us license to make this claim? A little data can do wonders to frame a conversation, so let’s start by looking at the numbers.


30 Great Employer Branding Examples in Technology

When it comes to building a great employer brand, getting the ball rolling can often be the greatest challenge. Maybe you’re just getting started and staring at a blank canvas, or perhaps your employer brand is established but in need of a facelift. Either way, a little inspiration can be just what it takes to get you headed in the right direction.

What 7 Failed Rebrands Can Teach Us About Employer Branding

A rebrand — a wholesale change to the corporate image of a company or organization — is one of the riskiest strategies a business can pursue. For every successful rebrand, there are dozens of failed attempts that cost millions of dollars, not to mention the jobs of countless marketers. Simply put, rebranding is hard and not every organization is capable of pulling one off.

So why are we discussing failed rebrands on a recruitment blog?