How to Calculate the ROI of Employer Branding: Intro

We know employer branding is important, but how do we calculate its value?

Of all the questions we hear from our customers, this may be the most common. Recruiters understand the importance of employer branding, but clearly defining return on investment (ROI) is a feat that still eludes many teams. After spending countless hours speaking with our customers and analyzing our own process and results, we came to one very clear conclusion - there is no universal answer. But this doesn’t mean calculating the ROI of your employer branding projects is impossible.

A Recruiter’s Guide to the Ultimate Job Description

We wish we could tell you that every candidate will spend hours reviewing your job descriptions, objectively assessing their fit with your company before deciding to apply. But as every recruiter knows, this isn’t the case. On average, job seekers spend less than 80 seconds reading a job description. And that’s for a position that actually piques their interest.

What we’re reading: August 26

For recruiters, surviving the work week isn’t always an easy task. Between strategic planning, handling the latest batch of hiring reqs, interviews and everything else the modern tech recruiter is responsible for, Friday can feel like more of a myth than a guarantee. You’ve earned a few minutes of peace, so sit back, relax and wind down your week with a look at what the Built In team has been reading.


The Best Employer Branding Examples in Tech: July

Another July has come and gone (yes, we’re late), and somewhere between monitoring round-the-clock coverage of patriotic eating competitions and negotiating deals with the devil to end heatwaves that would make a camel sweat, the Built In team managed to scour the Internet for some examples of the best employer branding in the tech industry. Here’s what we found.

3 Tips to Reboot Your Tech Recruiting Efforts

Before we get going, let’s set the stage with a few fun facts. Since 2000, three different actors have played the role of Spider Man on the big screen. Another three have portrayed the Incredible Hulk, while two of the world’s most recognizable leading men have shared the mantle of Batman. 

What can we learn from this cinematic romp down memory lane (aside from the fact you likely have a different definition of fun facts)?


We were able to attract qualified candidates that were excited and experienced in the roles we needed.

CEO at MakersKit

3 factors to consider when recruiting out-of-market tech candidates

Remember the last time you came across that perfect tech candidate? They had in-depth experience with your stack. They had worked in your industry for years. They had a proven track record and the leadership expertise you’d been searching for. It was love at first sight.

Then you saw their contact info.